In January I purchased my first Kindle, the Paperwhite 3G. Not only is it my first Kindle, but it’s my first e-reader experience. Ok, I have tried to use my old first generation iPad to read books, but I just couldn’t get past a few pages. That bright glaring screen just did not work for me. So I am mostly writing from the viewpoint of a person who is used to readingĀ  physical books.

What are my thoughts? Simply awesome. Picking up a “book” and reading it has become so easy I’m reading more again and I love it. The Paperwhite display is crisp and I’v been able to read comfortably in everything from bright daylight to a dark room at night. I find the menu easy to navigate and settings easy to adjust very quickly. The size is perfect too. It’s a comfortable weight to hold up for hours at time. I do recommend the leather cover, not only because it looks and feels great, but it also gives those with larger hands more to hold on to. An issue that I was having when I first started using my Kindle was that if I pushed too hard/long on the screen to go back or advance pages sometimes I would jump 10 or more pages at a time. Thankfully I haven’t noticed this since the latest software update was pushed out in January.

One concern I do have is that I could easily drop a good bit of money buying new books to read. I am an Amazon Prime member so I’ve been able to borrow a book for free each month. Even though many popular titles are not available, there are lots of good books to discover. This is a nice option, but I can blow through a good book in a few days. I recently discovered that you can borrow Kindle ebooks through many local libraries. I was happy to find that my local library system provides this service. If you are interested in learning more about this program you can click here.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a Paperwhite I think it’s time to get off the fence and order one. I’m happy I did.